Flow is the Easiest Way to List and Sell
Automotive Aftermarket Brands on eBay
and your eCommerce website.

GravityShift.IO is the easiest way for retailers to list and sell automotive brands on eCommerce platforms and marketplaces.

How It Works

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    Sign up for Gravity Shift IO Insight

    Choose the Gravity Shift IO Insight package that is right for your needs. You can change to another package anytime.

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    Select the Warehouse Distributors / Suppliers

    Speak to your account manager and request the access to their Web Service API. Leading Suppliers like Turn 14 Distribution, Premier WD and others provide access to your information through a secure web service. Contact our support team and we can walk you through the process. Enter you Warehouse Distributor / Supplier Web Service API credentials

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    Select the Data Warehouse Provider

    The SEMA Data Co-op (SDC) is a leading provider of automotive aftermarket data. Are you a memeber of the SDC, we can help you. Enter your SEMA Data Co-op access credentials

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    Explore the Warehouse

    Distributors / Suppliers current inventory stock levels, your cost to purchase and dropship of their products to your customers.

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    Spend 2 weeks looking up products and placing orders.


Quickly and easily check with your favorite automotive aftermarket warehouse distributor and find out your cost and stock status of product in their inventory.


Dynamically manage your websites catalog inventory with SEMA Data CO-OP product data leveraging Flow. You can have current inventory and pricing with a simple click or publishing rule reducing the time of adding and updating product data. Using Flow never again miss MAP policy updates to your website.

Discover our pricing plans

    • FLOW for eCommerce

      $ 200 Mo
      • Learn More
      • eCommerce Platform Connector
      • eCommerce Extensions
      • Unlimited Product Uploads
      • Product Management
      • Product Data Automation
      • Pricing & Inventory Syncronization
      • Publishing Rules
      • Bidirectional Supplier Integrations
      • CSV Product Import
      • Order Fulfillment Automation
      • Reporting
      • Customer Support
      • Onboarding
    • FLOW for eBay

      $ 200 Mo
      • Learn More
      • eBay Connector
      • Unlimited eBay Listings
      • eBay Listing Management
      • eBay Advanced Features
      • Product Data Automation
      • Pricing & Inventory Syncronization
      • Publishing Rules
      • Bidirectional Supplier Integrations
      • CSV Product Import
      • Order Fulfillment Automation
      • Reporting
      • Customer Support
      • Onboarding
    • Nitro eCommerce

      $ 350 Mo
      • Learn More
      • Magento 2 + Gravity Shift IO
      • 15 Business Days Guarantee
      • Automotive Extensions
      • Unlimited Product Uploads
      • Unlimited Suppliers
      • Pricing & Inventory Syncronization
      • Publishing Rules
      • Bidirectional Store to Supplier
      • Private Shop Inventory
      • Outside the Box Thinking
      • Reporting
      • Customer Support
      • Onboarding

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Testimonials This is why we do what we do

Bob Kirk - Owner

The 4x4 Guys

Its hard to find folks who understand all of the challenges of running an e-commerce store. You have delivered on all of the items that we spoke about regarding Gravity Shift Insight, a few months back I’m impressed.

Jaime Olsen - Owner

NWD Performance

I am not one to normally take the time to write a review.. However, the work Gravity Shift has done for us, warrants the highest praise! Not only were they knowledgeable, they actually listened to our website goals, and could conceptualize the end product. To top all of that off, they know the auto part industry! Gravity Shift went above and beyond in all aspects of the project. I am so grateful to have found these guys(and gal)! If you are in need of a professional, competent, and talented web design service, Gravity Shift, is hands down, the way to go!

Richard Thomas - Owner

Canadian Diesel Shop

The Gravity Shift team has surprised me. I was never expecting them to take the time to work with me to get my website and eBay store up and running. It's nice to work with a group of people who want to see me succeed.

Lyle Richmond - Owner

Daily Driven Performance

I had a vision and a dream, like any other person it was a terrifying step to actually pursue. The Gravity Shift team helped turn the vision into a reality keeping it as stress free as possible

Brent Martin - Owner

California Auto Performance

I really would like to thank the Gravity Shift team. Being in the automotive industry is very tough and correct data and compatibility is required, when selling on eBay. Colin and the team have created such great software, that is both powerful and easy to use. We have been able to expand our business very quickly by listing more items and keeping the inventory synced with our distributors, so we do not sell out of stock items. It is nice to work with a company that treats you like a partner, not just a client.

Website Design & Development with Magento + Gravity Shift

creative design

Using best practices, every site is optimized for visitor engagement and audience conversion.

digital strategy

Our approach to web design services produces real results for your business objectives.

responsive design

Engage your clients with a compelling mobile experience and increase revenue.


Automating daily tasks allows you to focus on your organization’s business goals.

magento + gravity shift

Unlock your full selling potential through Magento 2 eCommerce with Gravity Shift.