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WELCOME TO GravityShift IO


10 years of experience growing and developing “cool” technology that follows our passion for simplifying multichannel platform inventory management and creating functional websites that increase sales.

Gravity Shift

Where we started

GravityShift IO's journey began when a founding team member closed their performance installation shop and a discussion started about the challenges the shop encountered over the four years of operation. We identified the following challenges:

  • Quality of product information
  • Keeping pricing and inventory accurate
  • Connecting with suppliers
  • Availability of good eCommerce platforms
  • Populating product and vehicle information into websites
  • Marketing both the shop and the website
  • Building strong customer relationships

The following week we began developing a proprietary automotive focused eCommerce platform solution for the automotive aftermarket industry.

We attribute our success to having an amazing team and building strong relationships with our clients, industry professionals and associations like the SEMA Data Co-Op (SDC).

Gravity Shift

GravityShift IO Today

We have restructured our organization to focus on the most important factors to improve both the customer and store owner experience. We have developed automotive aftermarket tools that are eCommerce platform agnostic (meaning we can now support Magento, Shopify and other eCommerce platforms). For example, Shop by Brand, Year Make Model Search and many other toolbox utilities to manage your automotive eCommerce store.

As part of our new strategic direction, we have developed a middle-tier application that automates many of the repetitive and time consuming tasks performed by store owners. Some of the tasks GravityShift.IO can automate are:

  • Updating (MSRP, MAP, Dealer) pricing
  • Updating inventory based on multiple different suppliers
  • Updating and/or adding product data with support for ACES & PIES
  • Managing the fulfillment of orders
  • Alerts of new or depreciated products
  • Managing products
Gravity Shift IO

What's Next

GravityShift IO is branching into a variety of new verticals, including the wine and pharmaceutical industries. We are excited about where we are headed and hope that you become a part of our journey.