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Easily Upload Your Inventory

GravityShift IO provides an automated method for connecting you to your suppliers and manufacturers. Inventory data is received in several formats by our program. Allow us to lead you through the process of gaining access to your information via our secure web service.


Increase Sales through Dropshipping

Don't have enough space to store inventory? Not an issue. Search Distributors/Suppliers' current inventory stock levels, determine your purchase cost and then drop ship their items directly to your consumers.


Customized Warehouse Distributors and Suppliers

We understand that each firm has unique requirements. Allow us to create the ideal package for you to enhance sales and drive revenue through your online channels. Click here to see a demonstration of our 'Buck a Brand' tailored packages.


Real-Time Pricing Updates

With thousands of goods, it's critical to keep pricing up to current as it happens to avoid misinforming your consumers. With a single click, you can manage your online catalog inventory and price. Never again will you be oblivious to MAP policy revisions.


Real-Time Inventory Updates

GravityShift IO automatically always keeps track of your inventory, wherever it is. With daily email updates, you can keep track of your stock levels across all channels. At the touch of a button, reorder stock from within. Using our inventory management software, perform variable stock takes based on your team and warehouse. Avoid needing to pause operations and complete the task much more quickly and precisely.


Real-Time Order Submissions to Suppliers

When a customer places an order through your eCommerce or sales channel, have it instantly sent to your provider for drop shipping to your new source.

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