Keystone Automotive

GravityShift.IO is the easiest way for you to list and sell Keystone brands on your website or on the largest marketplaces.


How it works?

GravityShift.IO offers fully integrated connectivity solutions for Keystone Automotive Supplier eliminating the need to re-key data when importing after market parts into your store and maintaining all your data up to date.

Keystone Automotive Supplier

and Keystone Automotive Offer

GravityShift.IO is offering Keystone Automotive customers:

  • Unlimited Keystone product data, fitment, pricing and inventory updates
  • Unlimited Keystone order transactions
  • No Transaction fees for customer orders
  • 2 retail destinations (1 Website & 1 Marketplace, etc.)
  • 7/24 Customer Support
  • $2000 dollar setup / $200 monthly
  • $500 discount off setup with Meyer discount code

Keystone Distribution

The GravityShift Keystone Parts Interface was created in collaboration with the Keystone Automotive Supplier. Keystone is the world's largest specialist automotive parts distributor and marketer.

GravityShift.IO connects Keystone Automotive Supplier with your next sale. GravityShift.IO uses Turn 14's cutting-edge technology API to simplify and automate the most time-consuming operations, allowing you to focus on what you do best: managing and growing your business.

With GravityShift.IO and Keystone Automotive Supplier integration, you can have With GravityShift.IO and Keystone Automotive Supplier integration, you can have

  • Importing Keystone SKUs or catalogs
  • Update on the Keystone Inventory Full
  • Update on the Keystone Inventory
  • Orders thought Keystonedrop shipping
  • Keystone orders tracking

GravityShift and Keystone Automotive Supplier share a vision of providing our customers with up-to-date online inventory and the tools they need to run their online sales channels as smoothly as possible.


Keystone Automotive Supplier Connector includes:

  • Bulk list and update product and vehicle applications to sale channels
  • Create custom pricing rules and automate pricing and inventory updates
  • Process orders directly to Keystone distribution for incoming sales
  • Once the order has left Keystone’s warehouse get tracking and logistic information
  • Unlimited Keystone product uploads to your sales channels

These are just some of the features provided by the GravityShift.IO, Keystone integration.


GravityShift.IO integration specifications are:

  • Inventory Updates: Every hour or On Demand
  • Price Updates: Every 8 hours or On Demand
  • Order Submission: Every 30 minutes or On Demand
  • Order Confirmation: When orders are submitted
  • Tracking Updates: Every 30 minutes or On Demand

Product Data Conundrum

A major advantage of working with Keystone is their dedication to help retailers sell products to their customers by allowing retailers to use their curated product data. Similar to any retailer, Keystone has to be approved to share their product data with their customers and this will create some gaps in the data. Also, depending on the popularity of the Brand the quality of the product data from the manufacturer may not be ready for retailers. GravityShift.IO can fill these gaps by consuming product data from manufacturers and product data providers, such as, ASAP, SEMA, DCi, PartsHub, Opticat and others. GravityShift.IO can even import your priority data.