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Gravity Shift IO FLOW for eBay

GravityShift.IO FLOW for eBay is the easiest way to list and sell on eBay, while driving more business to your eBay Store, especially when you have hundreds of supplier brands to manage. Often when managing eBay inventories of any size, the process of finding and uploading good product information is time intensive, tedious and heartbreaking when the realization that you have to keep both pricing and inventory levels current to ensure your eBay Store performs successfully.

  • Version
    eBay Connector 1.5.1
  • Supported Version
    eBay API, 2.0.0


eBay connector eBay connector
eBay connector eBay connector

FLOW for eBay designed to specifically to make the overall experience of managing your eBay Store easier and therefore better. Gravity Shift IO does this by having robust Features and using Automation and Supplier Integration’s, while still giving you full control of how you manage your store.

eBay connector
eBay connector
eBay connector
eBay connector
eBay connector

  • eBay Connector

    The Gravity Shift IO eBay Connector establishes a bidirectional connection to your eBay store.

  • eBay Listing Management

    Gravity Shift IO eBay Listing Management allows you the flexibility to publish one or bulk eBay listings. Don’t have time to manage your listings, use the automated listing management to list and delist based on inventory availability.

  • eBay Advanced Features

    Gravity Shift IO is designed to solve problems like VeRO Policy, adding categories to multiple products, deciding on the right category for a product, using more category per product and more features that let you use eBay easily for the best success.

  • Pricing & Inventory Synchronization

    Keep your eBay store current with real-time pricing and inventory. Gone are the days that your store is violating MAP (minimum advertise price) or trying to fulfill orders that are not available at your supplier.

  • Publishing Rules

    Publishing rules allow you to control the publishing of product information, pricing and inventory to the different sales channels. Features include custom pricing, profit margin listing, Stock governor for eBay, Shipping Pricing Buffer for listings and more.

  • Order Fulfillment Automation

    Pain free order management by automatically fulfilling dropship orders through API tight integrations. Using Gravity Shift IO, orders from customers are automatically submitted to suppliers.

Gravity Shift IO offers the eBay Store owner many different ways to manage the products in their store. A powerful way of doing this is through Publishing Rules, Pricing options.Pricing options include:

  • Custom Pricing - When the Supplier doesn't provide MSRP, Map or promtional pricing you will want to add your own. Custom Pricing is managed by Brand or Product giving you flexibility of how you want sell products in your eBay store. Gravity Shift IO can even support partial supplier price lists and fill in the gaps. This way you leverage what the supplier is sending for Pricing and if by accident they are missing pricing for a few products, you have created publishing rule, as a catch all. The helps to prevent products with missing pricing.

  • Profit Margin Pricing - Ensure you are selling products and making a profit.

  • eBay Fee Calculator - Ever wondering what eBay is charging you? The eBay Fee Calculator can help you understand the different fees associated with PayPal and eBay Managed Payments to find your total profit.

  • Range Pricing - Publishing products using range pricing allows you to sell a brands products between a specific dollar value.

Gravity Shift IO, FLOW for eBay is a flat based monthly or annual subscription with a a setup fee. To ensure our pricing is simple and prdictable, there are no hidden or additional order fees.

Yes. When you pay for a year up front, you get a 16.67% discount that is the equivalent of 2 months free. We also offer discounts to Military, Veterans, Teachers and fans of Die Hard.

Yes. We support multiple eBay Stores in your existing account profile.

Yes, we can add any supplier that supports CSV Exports, API or EDI. Remember, not all Supplier technology is same and they will have range of differing funcationality.

NOTE: There will be development fees for unsupported Suppliers API or EDI integrations.

There is no minimum contract for Gravity Shift IO. Cancel at anytime time without penalty or hassle. If you prepaid for a year, we'll refund any unused months. We are not NutriBoom, Boom Boom Jake.

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