Gravity Shift IO FLOW for eCommerce

Gravity Shift IO FLOW for eCommerce is the easiest and fastest way of loading Supplier (Manufacturer and Warehouse Distributor) and your information into your eCommerce platform. The Gravity Shift IO platform is specifically designed to help you manage product inventory and more by tightly integrating both Suppliers and eCommerce platforms together.

FLOW for eCommerce is the conduit between Supplier and your eCommerce platform. FLOW automates the loading and synchronization of pricing, inventory and product information on your eCommerce platform. When your eCommerce website receives an order, FLOW’s dropship functionality will submit the order to a warehouse distributor based on your preferences. Gravity Shift IO - FLOW automates the daily operation on your website.

  • Version
    eCommerce Connector 2.5.1
  • eCommrece Platforms
    Magento 2


FLOW for eCommerce is designed to make the overall experience of managing your eCommerce Store easier and therefore better. Gravity Shift IO does this by having robust Features and using Automation and Supplier Integration’s, while still giving you full control of how you manage your store.

  • eCommerce Platform Connectors

    The Gravity Shift IO eCommerce Platform Connectors establishes a bidirectional connection to your eCommerce store.

  • eCommerce Platform Connector Management

    Gravity Shift IO eCommerce Product Management allows you the flexibility to publish one or bulk eCommerce products to your store.

  • eCommerce Platform Connector Advanced Features

    Gravity Shift IO is designed to solve problems like adding categories to multiple products, deciding on the right category for a product, using more category per product and more features that let you build success.

  • Pricing & Inventory Synchronization

    Keep your eCommerce store current with real-time pricing and inventory. Gone are the days that your store is violating MAP (minimum advertise price) or trying to fulfill orders that are not available at your supplier.

  • Publishing Rules

    Publishing rules allow you to control the publishing of product information, pricing and inventory to the different sales channels. Features include custom pricing, profit margin listing, Shipping Pricing Buffer for listings and more.

  • Order Fulfillment Automation

    Pain free order management by automatically fulfilling dropship orders through API tight integrations. Using Gravity Shift IO, orders from customers are automatically submitted to suppliers.

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